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Ebon Kojo: The Last Tribe, CCF 2015


Image by JettsonsPhotography http://www.giojettson.com


Ebon Kojo: The Last Tribe, written by Scott Patterson and directed by Nehprii Amenii, was performed during the 2015 Charm City Fringe Festival.

This sci-fi tone poem draws from Scott Patterson’s incomparable talent as a pianist and composer. In this one-man show, acoustic piano, synth keyboards, sound design and projection are used to tell a fresh story. The Last Tribe challenges popular notions of heroism, morality, beauty and the role of art in society. Through equations of spirit and sound, Patterson weaves together a story of space exploration, environmentalism, father/son relationships and social greed.

More information about Ebon Kojo: The Last Tribe can be found at http://www.afrohouse.org/projects/