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Projects & Performances

Cloud Nebula

Cloud Nebula is an Afrofuturistic opera-ballet performed by Afro House’s Astronaut Symphony. Set years into the future, the story delves into the world of two sisters unable to agree on how to handle the catastrophic consequences of a decision made by their late father.

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Afro House Concert Series

The Baltimore-based Afro House Concert Series is a celebration of the city’s extraordinary maker scene. The series features composer and pianist Scott Patterson on piano, Afro House ensembles (including the Astronaut Symphony), special guests, and local food and beverage makers.

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100 Year Symposium

Through facilitated civil conversation, neighbors engage in a meaningful discussion about what their neighborhood will look like 100 years into the future. A performance by Astronaut Symphony serves as an entry point and source of inspiration for the conversation.

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Astronaut Symphony

Led by pianist and composer Scott Patterson, the Astronaut Symphony creates symphonic performance art pieces that will appear in art venues worldwide.

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Ebon Kojo: The Last Tribe

A sci-fi tone poem by Scott Patterson.

Sent from a dying earth, General Kojo and Ra-7 have been ordered to “recolor” the barren planet Beta-5. Upon their arrival, Ebon and Ra are confronted with unprecedented realities that transform them both.

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Purple Dragon

Purple Dragon was commissioned by Camille A. Brown & Dancers for Mr. TOL E. RAncE.

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Epoch God/Better Human

Epoch God/Better Human is about Afrofuturism and the evolution of human beings.

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Woman in the Sun's Horizon

Woman in the Sun’s Horizon is about a conversation with the Sun who shares the wisdom in seeing the possibility of a better future.

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